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App request -- nunaliit.org (1)
Editoria, and other COKO Foundation apps (1)
App Request - openproject.org (1)
Account Auto-renewal option (In Progress) (2)
Installer for CiviCRM (1)
Lychee for Photo Management (Completed) (7)
Move the installatron applications installer icon further up on the dashboard (Completed) (9)
Curatescape Please! (1)
Create a "How-to Guide" and include access code (Under Discussion) (5)
Request for IIIF viewer (2)
Easier Management of Status Notifications (3)
Move from Installatron to Softaculous (Under Discussion) (2)
Q&A feature (Completed) (6)
Support for Two-Factor Authentication (Completed) (7)
Post a Warrant Canary (Completed) (3)