Accessing a Temporary URL using SkipDNS


Sometimes you want to build a site on a brand new Reclaim Hosting account before transferring the domain or pointed it to our servers. One option is to generate a Development URL for the install. Another option is to use a service called SkipDNS to view a domain from another server.

You’ll first want to find out what IP address your Reclaim Hosting account uses. This can easily be found from the sidebar of cPanel here:

Once you have the IP address you can enter your domain name and the server IP address here at


Click the Fingers crossed, show me button and you should see your domain as it would appear on our server. This will allow you to even login and manage the site from that temporary URL. You may have issues with Javascript-intensive things like page-builder plugins, but for basic work on a site it works really well and allows you to know exactly how the site will appear to users before the domain is pointed to Reclaim Hosting.


That’s rather handy, any difference or reason not to just edit your /etc/hosts file on your computer?


Hosts file is still the best method, but hard to share with others since it’s not super easy to explain how to do. SkipDNS creates actual URLs you can send other folks so it’s also good when working on a site on a server that is not live yet.