Awstats SSL v non-SSL


Within Awstats, and I think more broadly across the metrics panel, separate statistics seem to be kept for the SSL and non-SSL versions of each domain and sub-domain. The Awstats for the SSL version of my domain seem to match with what I’m seeing from JetPack (it’s a WordPress site) and Matomo. However, the Awstats for the non-SSL version of the domain are an order of magnitude higher.

Does anyone know if this is accurate. Is there actually that much more traffic on the unsecured version of websites or is this some sort of glitch? I would think that JetPack would count all traffic (both SSL and non) to a site, and I thought I had configured Matomo to count all traffic to my site. I’m particularly looking at non-bot traffic, so I don’t think it’s just bots that are skewing my numbers.