Changing your Domain


Depending on when your domain name was registered, you have a few options for making adjustments to it:

###Within 24 Hours of Signing Up

Reclaim Hosting offers a 24 Hour No Regrets Policy allowing you to request a different domain name for any reason within the first 24 hours of signup. Perhaps you left a typo in there or suddenly deciding to go in a different direction, no matter the reason we can take care of it. To take advantage of this send a message to with the domain name you would like and we’ll modify the account for you.

###After 24 Hours of Signing Up
If you wish to modify your domain name and it has been more than a day since signing up, you can request a new domain for the cost of a single domain registration, $15. This is done by logging into your Client Area portal and going to Domains > Register a New Domain.

Reclaim Hosting will swap it into your account and you won’t lose any of the work you’ve done up until that point.