Cron job on new Moodle site? So confused

Hi, ho,

I was just starting out with my shiny new Moodle site got several messages under notifications. These two seemed rather ominous:

Mystified, I looked at the Moodle documentation on Cron jobs. It took me a while to understand the directions for C Panel correctly. I did go to the Advanced section and found Cron but there is a warning that you should know Linux script well to do this and that it is best to check with your webhost. This is me, definitely checking in!!! :grimacing:

I only get these notifications when I go to this:
When I go here:
and go to Site Administration - there are no scary messages…


Thank you much!!


Hi Nell,

The first error about enabling PHP setting display_errors is just letting you now if that’s turned on no errors will be hidden for users on the site. So, no need to worry there.

In cpanel there is a place to run cron jobs, looks like the Moodle cron job it is referencing is defined here. If you send a support email to I can take a look at your specific instance and test the cron job, then report back here with my finding if I solve it.

Thank you! Will send out the email ASAP.

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In cPanel there is a Cron Jobs icon under the Advanced section:

From there you can see a Cron job option, leave the default email and set it to run every minute (it fills in all the bizarre commands for you). Then grab the command from this Moodle page and update it with your site URL details:
wget -q -O /dev/null

After that save the command and the cron job should now run every minute.

Thank you very much! As I said in my email, after reading your instructions, it seems much less scary now.

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