Development URLs


There are certain times where you need to work on a website at Reclaim Hosting in advance of the domain being pointed at our server. Perhaps you are migrating content and want to ensure that it looks correct, or you plan to setup a new WordPress site before transferring a domain from a previous host. Reclaim Hosting allows you to create subdomains of within your cPanel that will let you work on a site in advance of using a top level domain.

Initial Signup

When signing up for a new hosting plan you will find the option to have the hosting account run from a subdomain of Choose this option if you plan to transfer a top level domain later on and would like to use your hosting account immediately to get started with building your site.

Adding a Development URL to cPanel

If you already have a cPanel account that you’d like to map a development subdomain to, you will do this from the Addon Domains area of cPanel

The new domain name will be the subdomain of your choosing of (it does need to be unique so get creative). The second field (subdomain) you can ignore, this is a legacy feature of cPanel. The third field is the folder that the domain should be mapped to. If mapping the domain to your main hosting account domain choose public_html, otherwise specify the folder that contains the files you want to load from the development URL.

Once you’ve added the development URL it should begin resolving within a matter of minutes.

WordPress and Absolute URLs

Some software such as WordPress has absolute URLs stored in the database that may be pointing to the old domain that is not yet live on our server and not the development URL. WordPress has a guide at Changing The Site URL « WordPress Codex on how to change the install to use a development URL. The easiest way is to modify your wp-config.php file and add the following two lines:


With this method you can access the site from the development URL and when you are ready to remove that you can just delete those two lines from wp-config.php.

If you are working with an install via Installatron at Reclaim Hosting you can also go to My Apps in cPanel and click the wrench icon next to an install and edit the Location URL.