Easy Site Cloning within Installatron


Installing a piece of software like WordPress in your Reclaim Hosting account is a very simple process (hey look, we even have a document on that!) but what’s not always as clear is how you might move an installation to a different URL. A lot of folks get tricked into thinking they can just move the files to a new folder and it will work, but in fact WordPress stores URLs in a database that will break your site if you just move the files around. A much easier way to move a site to a new location is using the Clone Tool in Installatron. You’ll find it by clicking on your install in cPanel and clicking this little guy right here:

Installatron will read the existing install and prompt you to choose a location for the new copy. If you’ve set up a subdomain ahead of time you can choose it from the dropdown menu for the domain, alternatively you could put it in a subfolder like in the screenshot below:

Installatron handles all the nitty gritty work of migrating databases and files so all you have to do to get started is hit the Clone button and you’re off to the races. In just a few short seconds, depending on the size of the install, you’ll have a complete copy of the site at a shiny new URL.

Once you’ve verified that everything migrated properly, you can delete the former install by just clicking the X next to it. Alternatively, I think the Clone Tool is an excellent way of setting up quick development spaces to test new plugins and themes, so feel free to use it to quickly fire up a copy of your site to a development space and play around. With just a few clicks you can have a carbon copy of your site ready to go.

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Are there any known issues with cloning a Drupal install? I’m trying to set up a dev version of a site and after completing the clone, the cloned version gets caught in a redirect loop. It also looks like it’s pointing at the install.php script, which probably isn’t the expected behavior.


Hmm, I’m not sure if there’s any issues with Drupal installs in particular. One thing I know that can occasionally be a problem is if you’re cloning from a top level like yourdomain.com to a subdirectory like yourdomain.com/new the potential for .htaccess conflicts exists. You might have more luck cloning to a subdomain like new.yourdomain.com (since cPanel puts the folder for subdomains outside of public_html now).


I am wanting to split my main domain into several subdomains and leave some files on the main domain and move the rest of the files to different subdomains. Would this method be good for this purpose? Would it be good to clone the main domain into several subdomains and then delete the files that I don’t want on the subdomains and delete the ones off of the main domain that I then have on the subdomains?


As long as you’re running an app in Installatron like WordPress that would work for sure. You can clone the main site to multiple different subdomains and then make changes on those sites. If you are just running HTML files or something external of Installatron then this feature wouldn’t work.


I expect it can but want know if the Installatron Cloner can work as well on a Wordpress multisite.

One of my reclaim hosted projects is taking a long time to choose a new domain to add to our account, and I was hoping to being development and clone later. This would be a directory-based multisite.


It works “ok” but not great. Essentially the cloning tool does a few things:

  1. It moves all files to the new directory
  2. Creates a database and migrates the entire database from the existing install
  3. For WordPress Installatron will also update the siteurl and homeurl fields

Where Multisite gets a bit more difficult is that the URLs are stored in a few other places. wp-config.php stores a URL, subsites have their own wp-options table, etc. If you’ve never used wp-cli it’s a good opportunity as they have search and replace as an option wp search-replace | WordPress Developer Resources It can be cleaner than just the cloning tool alone (though cloning does save you at least 75% of the work).


I used the cloning tool to set up a development site on a subdomain. Now I’m ready to move this new version back to the production site, do I just follow the same process again?


Absolutely! The process is about the same, you’ll just make sure to remove the old production site then use the cloning feature to move the new version to the production site. If you run into any issues along the way feel free to reach out to support@reclaimhosting.com and we’ll be happy to take a look.