Force HTTPS for your site



I would try installing this plugin and running it:

That should clean-up and images on the homepage not served over https

Let us know if issue persists.



I have this installed and activated as well. Thanks!



Looks like a few hardcoded links might be the issue, I can still see a few images loading over http when I use the Chrome developer tools and go to JavaScript Console:

I would see if they are still anywhere in a post, menu item, etc. and update those links, they are definitely the issue.



I was looking for the HTTPS Content Fixer plugin and found this one

which fixes insecure content and handles the redirect, so no need for futzing with .htaccess (just did it on one site and all seems kosher)


Would the same method work for forcing FreshRSS to load over https? i.e. dropping in those lines of code into the .htaccess file in the main FreshRSS directory?


Haven’t tried it, but imagine it might. Give it a shot and let us know here.


Would those commands in an .htaccess apply to subdirectories? In other words, should I try changing the .htaccess in the top level FreshRSS directory or in the directory that app actually loads in, which is something like /p/i.


.htaccess files are recursive so a rule set at a higher directory will take affect in subfolders automatically (unless a subfolder overrides the rule). So I would do it in the main directory of the install.


The answer is yes! Adding:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

to the FreshRSS .htaccess works perfectly. Thanks!


Thanks for testing this, and that is very good news!


Hi @timmmmyboy! I wanted to finally make the switch to https, and it worked, sort of! My main domain and one 1 subdomain all load nicely, but I get errors on two other subdomains, and the code looks exactly the same (was just copied and pasted, as per your excellent instructions) – could I request some help (do I make a ticket)?


We have an updated guide on all the various steps at Why does my site say “Not Secure”? that covers all the steps. I would have a look at each step there and if it’s not resolved feel free to open a support ticket with us.


I will open one, Tim, as it’s not a “not secure” error I am referring to, but the page won’t load anymore, and I can’t access the WP admin page…


Gotcha, yeah that sounds unrelated to setting up HTTPS. We’ll follow up with you directly in the ticket.


Thanks, man!! Appreciated…