ImageMagick in Omeka Classic

In order to generate thumbnails as well as create derivative images in Omeka, you’ll need to set the path to ImageMagic in the Omeka settings. ImageMagick is already installed on all of our servers at Reclaim Hosting and you’ll set the path to it under Settings > General near the bottom of the page. The path to put there is /usr/bin

After setting the path and testing it click the Save button to store the path.

Note: If you have already uploaded images setting the ImageMagick path will not recreate thumbnails for those items. You can use the Derivative Images plugin to regenerate thumbnails for your repository.

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FYI, there is an Omeka plugin available which can be used to force the creation of thumbnails. The documentation suggests using it after upgrades to Omeka or ImageMagick which affect derivative image creation, but I can confirm it worked for setting the path the first time too.

Installing it did require me to set the PHP-CLI path, as documented.

(This is “I used it once and it worked for me” level documentation. No warranty stated or implied. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.)


FYI, where this post says [quote=“timmmmyboy, post:1, topic:230”]
in the Omeka settings
you should log into your omeka install as admin or user, not to your ReclaimHosting account, cPanel or application dashboard. There, in the upper right menu [default theme] you’ll find the Settings tab. At the bottom of the page you will find the ImageMagick Directory prompt…
It took me a while looking around the wrong place to figure out…