Importing media in Scalar


My students have installed Scalar into their ReclaimHosting subdomains and all is well. However, when they go to Import Media/Other Archives/Vimeo to search for a video from Vimeo and enter the search term in the box, they get no results. I have Scalar installed on my ReclaimHosting account ( and when I do the same and type a search term (say “opera”) I get plenty of results. I can then import whichever video I want into the Scalar media library and onto my pages. I can’t find any Scalar setting in the Dashboard related to this difference (i.e. anything like “allow imported media” etc.). Is there some Scalar setting that I’m missing? Or, is there something in their Scalar installation that they need to add (and that I forgot I already did on mine)? Weird but probably something simple . . . hopefully. Thanks in advance.