Installing Ghost on Reclaim Hosting

Good catch, I’ve updated this guide to refer to the correct version recommended now. Thanks!

Messing around with updating my ghost install and it looks like the current version of ghost now requires one of the following versions of node or newer:
8.16.0, 10.13.0, 12.10.0

The current options at least on sebadoh are 6.16.0, 8.15.0, or 9.11.2 so at the moment it seems you are unable to install new installs of ghost unless there is a workaround of some kind!

Hmmm, the docs only reference the larger releases (8.x, 10.x) and not specific subversions. Did you try the upgrade and it failed?

I’ll make sure our servers also have 10 on there and maybe even 11 and 12.

I had the same problem, installation failed because Ghost wants a different version of Node. I’m excited to try out Ghost, looking forward to the Node upgrade.

Yes I had tried and it failed. Those version numbers are what the ghost-cli gave me as the reason why it would not do the install.

This was on a clean install, not an upgrade. My upgrade is not working, but for different reasons I think… I’m hoping to eventually do a clean install and import all my content to the new install.

I’m sure you’re on this, but in case it helps here is a forum talking about this issue, I believe

If the newest version of Ghost is incompatible with the version of Node on our servers you’ll need to stick to an older version until we get a more recent version upstream. The Node.js functionality on our servers is driven by a third party plugin and isn’t something for which we control updates beyond making major versions available. This is very much in the “if it works great but if not sorry” realm in terms of what we can support. Many other webhosts simply don’t offer compatibility with Ghost due to the complexity of how it runs as an application compared to WordPress and other apps. This guide was written as a courtesy but shouldn’t be confused to indicator support on our end.

That’s fair, I totally understand. Just one quick question…how do I know which version of Ghost I’m installing? I’m following your instructions, is there something I can modify within your instructions to install an older version of Ghost? Thanks for your help.

No problem! Just wanted to point this out.

Looks like you should be able to specify a version like this:

~/nodevenv/ghost/8/lib/bin/ghost install 2.15.0 --no-setup-linux-user


@taylorjadin Thanks for the tip! It looks like the node error is generated by the Ghost CLI installer. So, if I specify a Ghost version to install it doesn’t work. Now I’m trying to find out how to install an old version of the Ghost CLI, but haven’t made progress :roll_eyes:

Node has been updated and I was able to install the latest version of Ghost (3.0.2). :metal:

Is there documentation (or can anyone share how) to upgrade from Ghost 2.31.1 to Ghost 3? The Ghost docs just say “run ghost update” but I assume it won’t be that easy :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

Is this for If so (or even if not it might be a good test), take an export backup if need be, then stop node.js and update the version to 10.20.1. After that restart node.js and then login via command line using the following:

source /home/fncllorg/nodevenv/ghost/8/bin/activate && cd /home/fncllorg/ghost

After that, run that update command and see if that works.

Let me know.

Yeah, that’s what it’s for, so it doesn’t matter much if it goes sideways. I could nuke and reinstall, but then what do I learn :slight_smile:

This is where I get with your directions: I stopped the node app, selected 10.2.1 and restarted it. Checked the site and it works.

But this is what I get when I attempt to update:

[fncllorg@doa ~]$ source /home/fncllorg/nodevenv/ghost/8/bin/activate && cd /home/fncllorg/ghost
[ghost (8)] [fncllorg@doa ghost]$ ghost update
bash: ghost: command not found
[ghost (8)] [fncllorg@doa ghost]$

Try changing
source /home/fncllorg/nodevenv/ghost/8/bin/activate && cd /home/fncllorg/ghost
source /home/fncllorg/nodevenv/ghost/10/bin/activate && cd /home/fncllorg/ghost
Let me know if that does anything for you.

I don’t have a /10/ directory …

I just update node.js version to 10, so that folder is there now, and site still working. That said, might need to figure out if the Ghost CLI will work given this is running via CloudLinux in cPanel. Running update or ghost update not working for me, so will figure that out and then get back to you on this.

Cool. I assume the node.js upgrade wasn’t something I could do on my end?

I’ll check in later!

Yeah, looks like an update through our system is not possible. Turns out you can run Ghost CLI commands, as the tutorial notes, but given you move all the files out of the original file structure it seems to break things. In fact, we have so few Ghost instances running in cPanel to some large part because of these limitations.

That said, we will be opening an environment where this will be possible. Namely the ability to use a one-click installer to install Ghost and just about any other next generation app with a Docker container behind it. It’s exciting, and if you don’t have too much invested in Ghost through our shared hosting offerings, this may be a perfect place for you to explore just that.

In fact, check your email, there maybe something there waiting for you :slight_smile: