Lifecycle of Domain and Account with Reclaim Hosting

Have you ever wondered what happens when a domain expires? Or when an account with Reclaim Hosting expires? If yes, then this is the guide for you! In addition to a description of the various stages, we also have a graphic that shows the complete lifecycle of the domain and account process.

Day of Purchase

Congratulations! You have a Reclaim Hosting account and / or your own domain name for a year!

The next due date is 365 days after initial purchase.

Invoices are sent thirty days prior to renewal date.

Grace Period

Accounts and domains can be renewed for 30 days after the due date.

Domain Redemption Period

Sixty days after Grace Period - Domain is unavailable to renew without an additional fee.

Domain is deleted thirty days after Redemption Period ends.

Domain is released and can be registered again five days after being deleted if a third party doesn’t register it first.

Hosting is terminated and deleted sixty days after Grace Period. One final backup is made.

Thirty days after hosting termination the hosting backup is deleted.

Lifecycle of a Domain

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