Managing Users in DoOO

We just started granting Domains accounts to students as part of two different courses (~30 students so far). Is there a way I can tag user accounts as student vs. faculty vs. staff? I’m not sure where I’d go to create such a list or view of users (WHM, WHMCS?) Does this already exist somewhere? I’m thinking this will help me keep track of when the students are nearing graduation, for example. But I’d be happy to hear from other DoOO admins about how they keep track of who gets Domains accounts.

Hi Christine! One way you could organize users within WHMCS would be using Client Groups. Under the menu item Setup you will find Client Groups where you can create the groups. I would only set the Group Name and Color, as the other settings aren’t helpful from a DoOO standpoint.

Then you can add users to the group by going to their WHMCS profile and under the Profile tab changing the Client Group from the drop-down:

Once that’s done, you can sort by Client Group within View/Search Clients.

I’d love to see how other schools might be organizing things on their end as well!

Hi Christine,

I keep a separate spreadsheet of all applications on our instance of Domains at Grinnell, with columns for site title, URL, account owner, principle use, and other notes. I have separate sections of the spreadsheet for faculty/staff and students. It is a bit of extra work to keep the spreadsheet up to date, but it gives me a document that I can easily share with others (especially administrators at the college) to demonstrate the extent of how Domains is being used on campus and to bolster the case for further growth of our platform at the college.

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