OHMSViewer - <iframe> and Omeka Classic



2 questions about getting the OHMSViewer to display in an iframe and then how to display in a successfully installed Omeka Classic with OHMS integration. I have a feeling both of these questions somehow relate but want to ask experts.

Question 1)
I have successfully installed and got the OHMSViewer to work: What's In My Bag? Toro Y Moi Interview

Now I want to embed the OHMSViewer into an iframe that can be added to any website via an iframe. From what I have read online, I need to locate and change the X-Frame-Options to make this happen. Where do I locate and change OHMSViewer X-Frame-Options?

Question 2) I have successfully integrated Omeka Classic and OHMS. What’s In My Bag? Toro Y Moi Interview · Omeka Classic Sandbox However, the viewer is not displaying. I’ve followed the Nun Center’s Omeka/OHMS documentation, but are there other steps on the server-side that I should take to make it display?

Thanks for your assistance!


I don’t think any additional X-frame options are necessary. It looks like you’re using the OHMS plugin for Omeka which is the right way to go about it but when I checked the item the URL wasn’t complete which is why the embed wasn’t working:

I just fixed that so the embed should be working within Omeka now.


Thank you for getting OHMS to work with Omeka! This is great.

RE: OHMSViewer iframe on any website.
I tested with Wordpress, Omeka S, and Omeka Classic. In addition to testing the OHMSViewer, I also tested using a YouTube iframe embed. OHMSViewer is not displaying, but the YouTube iframe is for Wordpress and Omeka S but not Omeka Classic.

Wordpress blog post

Omeka S page using an HTML block: OHMS iframe testing · Omeka S Sandbox

Omeka Classic using the simple page plugin. I added iframe as an allowed HTML element, but the URLs are getting stripped from the editor. OHMS iframe testing · Omeka Classic Sandbox

Thanks again for your help!


For both WordPress and Omeka S you have a trailing " that is breaking the URL:

I was able to fix it in your WordPress test, I would check for the same in Omeka S (also with Omeka S and any URL make sure if you are loading over https that the URL embedding is also https since browsers won’t allow insecure embeds on a secure page)