Troubleshooting a Failed Omeka S Upgrade

On August 8th the Omeka team released a major update to the Omeka S software moving it to version 2.0. In addition to a lot of exciting features like full text search, the update also brought sweeping changes to product that requires updates for almost every module and theme in use. The following links contain the latest version of all public modules and themes:

If you had your install set to automatic updates you may find that the install is broken as a result of the update. An easy way to identify the reason for the issue is to turn on error reporting in Omeka which will show more detailed error messages. You can do this by editing the .htaccess file for your install following the guide at Error Logging - Omeka S User Manual

In almost all cases we have found broken installs are the result of using themes or modules that are not built for 2.0. Our installer only handles the update process for the core Omeka S application and does not manage your modules and themes. In some cases if you previously rolled back and are now trying to update you may find that you get an error about a duplicate database table “Table ‘fulltext_search’ already exists” which was added during the update to 2.0. You can remove this table using phpMyAdmin in cPanel, after which you should be able to update to Omeka 2.0+ again.

For users who decide to handle this major upgrade manually you can roll the site back to a previous version using Installatron and then turn off automatic updates to remain at 1.4 until your site is compatible with the upgrade and you are ready to make the jump.

Please keep in mind that while Reclaim Hosting is happy to build installers for popular educational applications like Omeka, our resources are limited at troubleshooting third party software and the best avenue for support is the Omeka Forums. Thank you for your understanding.