Using Gmail as an Email Client


In this tutorial we will setup an email account on Reclaim Hosting and then connect it in Gmail so that emails are sent and received directly there. We strongly recommend that if you need a high level of support for email that instead of routing email through our servers (which given the nature of shared hosting can sometimes be blacklisted or end up in junkmail) that you instead utilize G Suite. However this guide is provided as a reference on how to run an email on our server through a personal free Gmail account.

Setting up the Email Account

First we need to create the mailbox. In cPanel go to Email > Email Accounts

Create the email account and set a password for the mailbox. You can choose to set a quota for the mailbox or not and click Create Account

Once the account is created you will see it listed below the setup form. Click Set Up Mail Client to get the server settings necessary to connect the mailbox to Gmail.

Note: We strongly recommend you use the Secure SSL settings when connecting to your email account

In Gmail go to Settings > Accounts and click Add a mail account under the Check mail from other accounts heading:


You’ll be prompted to enter the email address you are adding and then on the next screen you will need to enter the mail server settings you received from cPanel

Since this is a POP connection and we are connecting over SSL choose port 995. Make sure your username is your full email address and all information matches what cPanel has provided.

Once the account is added it will prompt you for the ability to send mail from that email as well which we will do here. Enter your information and click Next

When prompted for SMTP settings use the same ones provided by cPanel including the SMTP port. We’ll also choose to connect over an SSL connection.

Gmail confirms ownership by sending an email to the account (which should come into your personal Gmail account) with a link you can click to confirm or enter the confirmation code in the window.

Once confirmed you should be receiving email to the new address and also be able to reply and send emails from your new email account.