Using Import/Export Tools with WordPress

Lately, I’ve been working with clients to move their website from to . With this request, I use the Import/Export tools to move the content from one site to the other. This tool bundles the content on the site into a .zip file which you can then move to another location. Disclaimer: It isn’t perfect, you only get the content of the site, so things like posts, pages, and settings on the site. The plugins, themes, and media arent’ included, so, if your site has a lot of media, or has a ton of plugins, this tool might not work for you. (I’m writing another post about a plugin that will move everything on the site for you so stay tuned).

As I’m writing to the clients with instructions on how to set up their site using these tools, I started looking for a tutorial that would walk them through the process. And can you believe it, there are no tutorials that show the process from start to finish? So I wanted to take the time to write the process down. This article will showcase the import/export tools within WordPress (.com and .org) the process is essentially the same for both, they just look a little different.

But wait, there are two versions of WordPress? Yes, there are, but they are run in different ways. WordPress, in a nutshell, is an open-source content management software (if you want to look at a more in-depth explanation you can read about it here ). Automattic Inc. helps develop and maintain this software. We offer this software at Reclaim and users can install an instance on their domain, in fact, you’re reading this post on a WordPress installation. is Automattic Inc.'s hosting company that runs the WordPress software explicitly. They offer free accounts with subdomains like for free or users can purchase a domain. Then users can opt-in to pay a monthly fee to get full use of the software, like you would if you installed WordPress on your domain through your hosting company.

Re: “(I’m writing another post about a plugin that will move everything on the site for you so stay tuned).”

Looking forward to this post!

Thanks, Meredith!

Carl, the guide was written previously, the embedded images are broken. I was moving the guide to a new location to fix the images. I’ll have this up soon!

Cool! Thanks for reworking this documentation!


I have been trying to export forever and a day…in fact I used an archive because exporting WordPress sites so hard. Tried the WP2Static plugin but that failed as well.

For now I keep my old blog on an archive address, one day I may fold the post into my current site.