WordPress 5.2+ Site Health


WordPress 5.2 which was released this week has a great new feature that sites will benefit from called Site Health Check which builds on the Site Health feature added in 5.1. Site Health is located under the Tools menu in WordPress and can give you a broad overview of any potential issues your install may have that you need to take action on. It’s important to know that some of the warnings may be in place due to your server environment (for example automatic updates in WordPress are disabled by Installatron because rather than them being managed directly in WordPress they are managed in cPanel so that a backup can be taken before the install is updated).

Site Health now goes one step further with PHP Error Protection in that traditionally when your site ran into PHP errors as a result of a failed plugin update, the site would be down and ugly PHP errors would be displayed on the homepage like so with no ability for you to log back in:

Now when your site is experiencing issues with PHP code the frontend of the site when it is broken gives a more natural error message

and WordPress will email the admin user with a special link to be able to access the dashboard and resolve the issue.


Thanks for this! I just updated and checked the “site health,” and got an error message saying that “background updates are not working as expected”, with an “x” next to: “The AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED constant is defined and enabled.”

It doesn’t help me understand what this means, whether I need to fix it, and if so, how to do so. Any ideas along these lines would be great!

Also, when I click on the “more info” link for updating PHP, it takes me to this page from cloud linux, which I also don’t really understand though I think it means all is well? CloudLinux - HardenedPHP Feature

Thank you!




That’s right, background updates are not going to be handled by WordPress if it is an install on Reclaim Hosting because Installatron handles them. It’s important to understand that while Site Health provides some information to assist admins, it’s not an end goal to get 100% there which might seem counterintuitive. As far as changing PHP versions we have a guide here Changing your PHP version


This is super helpful–thanks, Tim! I just updated my PHP version.